Prabhas Next To Start This Month? 

Fans of big stars are trying to figure out a way to handle their expectations and also do meditation to control their emotions and build patience levels. As stars are taking bigger risks, their movies are taking even longer time to be completed and this is frustrating fans. Especially, fans of Prabhas are even doing funny memes on being patient.

Over the past 6 years, they have been waiting to see Prabhas at least once on-screen but they got only three movies. Mirchi and Baahubali series. As all of them became huge hits, they are happy about the outcome but when they learned that there won’t be any release from him till April 2019, they again started doing meditation and Yoga to cope up with all the frustration.

Now, they may relax as we hear that 2019, could be the year when Prabhas will release two films. His big-budget Saaho is currently shooting at pace and soon, his love story will also start shooting it seems. “Jill” Radhakrishna will direct the movie and Pooja Hegde is the heroine. Movie pooja ceremony will happen on 6th September and shoot will start from the end of the month it seems.