Prabhakar and I share an amazing chemistry : Sumanth

Sumanth Ashwin is excited about his next release Right Right, which is being filmed by newbie director, Manu. While speaking to an English daily about the film, he said, “This is a remake of the Malayalam film Ordinary, but we didn’t copy entirely from the original. We added a few scenes and also deleted few to suit our Telugu audience.” Since he essays the role of a conductor, Sumanth promptly adds, “Whenever the bus appears on screen I am confident that the audience will get excited,” he says. Actor Prabhakar is playing an interesting role in the film and his chemistry with Sumanth is going to be something unique.

“Generally the chemistry between the actor and actress is important, but in this film, the chemistry between me and Prabhakar is the key. After we completed a month’s shoot, Prabhakar and I decided to take a day’s break and discuss our scenes. There were a few key scenes between us and we did some rehearsals before we started the shoot,” says the actor.