Postponement- boon or a bane?

Most of the times, we lose interest in a film if it is getting postponed again and again. Rest of the times, if we there are no expectations on the film at all, the postponement almost kill the little amount of euphoria it has. Well, three big film in Tollywood are postponed and this is making the fans wait for more and who knows, the wanting to watch the film may be even be dead.

Sita is postponed to May 24 from April 25. While fans of Teja were eagerly waiting for the release, the team gave a shock to the fans. On the other hand, even Maharshi, which was initially slated for release this month, is postponed to May 9. Already, the expectations on this film are pretty low and the postponement has made it even lower. Well, songs by Devi Sri Prasad bring up no hopes on the music. We also have Dear Comrade which went to July 19 from May 31. Well, the euphoria of this film might not go down, as it is Vijay Deverakonda who is the leading actor of the film. This will has got postponed to avoid clash of Lion King at the box office is what the sources say. Well, lets us how it works.