Pooja Hegde asks for equal pay

Actress Pooja Hegde did not get a head-start in the Industry until she could find a fairness cream ad that made her famous India-wide. She entered into the Industry as a girl-next-door in Mukunda and Oka Laila Kosam.

The actress changed her outlook and image with Duvvada Jagannadam. She appeared in Bikini and also transformed her looks to be more glamorous on-screen. She acting with Mahesh in Maharshi, Prabhas in his next and already starred opposite NTR in Aravindha Sametha.

She recently raised the pay equality issue. “When heroine oriented subjects are also paying as much as hero movies, why there should pay disparity,” she questioned. She tried to logic with her argument by pulling up few films.

Well, the actress is asking a pertinent question but she needs to also see the reality that no producer is 200% sure to spend 100 crores on a heroine-oriented movie yet and no movie of that scale made huge returns with just lady actress in the front!