Piracy is happening at Post Production – Pahlaj Nihalani

Few days ago, Censor board came into a lot of slack for the piracy of Udta Punjab and Great Grand Masti. Then the Censor Board Chairman chose to be silent on the issue, as the makers went to court regarding the cuts on the film and the ban imposed on the movie in various states. The makers won over the board and the film released to some raving reviews and recovered its costs. But the wounds have remained with the Censor board members especially Chairman, Pahlaj Nihlani as he lashed out on filmmakers after hearing about the leak of Bahubali and corresponding arrest of Krishna.

He said that the major leak happens in the post production studios and people should not blame Censor Board. Even the earlier piracy prints were released from such malpracticers only but not by respected Censor Board members he said. He urged the makers to nip the piracy in post production studios as many artists working are not thoroughly checked and the security practices should be upgraded. He said with the latest incident of Bahubali every one should understand the necessity to address the piracy issue and bring in better measures to stop it.

He said it is not Demonetization that is stopping people but piracy is the main villain in the matters. He urged new makers to understand the censorship rules and regulations throughly so that they won’t have to create ruckus after them completing their work. Well, the chairman seems to have taken all the slack he received to heart and waited for the occasion to lash out.

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