Piracy can do no damage to Bahubali – Tamannah

Piracy is one big demon for creative industry, especially films, that the original or inspired ideas are being leaked online before release and are being sold that lower prices after release. Recently, a portion from Bahubali 2 also got leaked following the tradition of its predecessor. Not much has been spoken about in press by the team except for Producers. So when media was able to meet the milky beauty, about the leaked portion, she reacted to it.

Tamannah talked to media in Mumbai over a casual interaction and when she was enquired about her reaction after the leak of her film Bahubali -2, she said, “We are baffled by the leak but for a film of this magnitude it won’t affect it much.” She continued saying that Piracy is one bad thing ghat killing the films but people are genuinely interested in watching a movie like Bahubali.She also commented that if a leak happens for a film like Bahubali, it would rather feed the interest of the audience rather than damaging the product in any way.

She expressed her excitement about her future films but she thanked Rajamouli and producers more saying that starring in a movie like Bahubali is one in a lifetime opportunity and she cannot thank God enough for giving her such a milestone opportunity in her career. When she was asked the routine question of Why Kattappa killed Bahubali?, she joked saying even the script writer might not have thought this much about it while writing. She quickly said that she was also waiting for the film to release to know all the answers in a grand style and expressed her gratitude to fans for taking the film to International fame. She said that she feels proud about being a part of this once in a lifetime movie.

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