Petition Against Superstar Rajinikanth

Who would have ever thought that Superstar Rajnikanth would be served with a court notice for the amount of milk his fans have wasted for him? A Metropolitan Court in Bengaluru has sent a notice to the Superstar based on a petition filed by a social activist I.M.S.Manivannan. The petitioner has said in his allegation that thousands of liters milk is being wasted by showering them on the cut-outs of Rajinikanth, every year.

The devoted fans for whom Rajni is no less than god, celebrate the release of his films, his birthdays by performing pal abhishekam. After the petition, the judge admitted it for hearing and he has a sent a notice to Rajinikanth asking him to file his reply about the wastage.
Whether, the fans will pay any heed to the petition or not remains to be seen.