Pawan Kalyan and RGV take it personal!

Ram Gopal Verma, the maverick director who made a name for himself with films like Shiva, Satya, Sankar, Gayam, Company has always been vocal on Twitter about the social events with his extreme ideas. He had at times sarcastically condemned few film choices of Mega Star and then always maintained to be a fan of Pawan Kalyan for daring step to get into politics at a crucial time even after a debacle like Praja Rajyam Party of his brother, Chiranjeevi. Pawan Kalyan actively, participated in 2009 and 2014 election campaigns and is looking to make a consolidated entry in 2019. Special Status for Andhra Pradesh state has been promised by Central Governments and the now government has taken their word back saying it is advisable to give a package rather than a status due to political complications from other states.

But Pawan Kalyan started asking about Special Status for AP since he decided to travel with Jana Sena party more than being a film actor anymore. There were several political exchanges but Ramu from twitter had been an ardent supporter of Pawan Kalyan and his actions. But lately, Mega Family had been hurt by his tweets regarding Chiranjeevi’s 150th film and Ramu was called Akku Pakshi by Naga Babu. After some war of tweets by Ramu, the issue has yesterday’s news. Now, AP youth taking inspiration from Jallikattu protest wanted to fight for Special Status in the same manner. It turned political with Jagan entry and Pawan Kalyan tried to support it through social media. But this hurt RGV and in a series of sarcastic tweets he made his disappointment evident. Today, Pawan Kalyan reacted to that in a press meet saying, “With a married daughter, if a person announces he watches pornography. What sort of a person he should be and why would I consider his statements?”

Ram Gopal Verma once was hurt by such a personal remark and made sure that his hurt is evident with flurry of tweets. He tweeted, “I expressed my displeasure genuinely as a fan and never took his three marriages topic to abuse him personally. Refraining from making personal comments would have been ideal. As recently, Chiranjeevi asked how good it is comment about somebody’s personal life regarding Yandamoori.” He wished Kalyan all the best opposite to his normal manner but everybody thinks during night time he would again rise the issue after Vodka. Onlookers say, both parties should have shown some restrain while fans of Pawan are angry on RGV.

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