Okka Kshanam

Destiny is a concept that is said to have been fixed by Gods looking down upon us and also, the Universe. Few try to know about it by studying past events and many through Astrology. Science always comes up with theories that try to explain the incidents and coincidences that have become legends. Using the mythological undertones like Savitri-Satyavan story in reverse, the movie Okka Kshanam, tries to give a logical explanation to a wacky theory of Parallel Lives, to support the idea that nothing in this Universe is coincidence.

Plot : When a coincidence strikes your life and tries to guide you to a better future by learning from the past of total strangers, Jeeva (Allu Sirish) and Jyotshna (Surbhi), try to hold on to their love and win over the destiny.

Jeeva (Allu Sirish) and Jyotshna (Surbhi) fall for each other at first sight in a shopping complex basement on Christmas day. They start to like each other and everything seems to be a fantasy story of love. But then, a nosy Jyotshna explains to Jeeva about her past time, that is, observing others lives. She finds it interesting to follow an abusive couple, Srinivas (Avasarala Srinivas) and Swathi (Seerat Kapoor). Dragged by her into the whole matter, Jeeva tries to find answers for her curiosity and discovers that Srinivas and Swathi are their parallel lives. With each incident of Srinivas’s story, Jeeva and Jyotshna get even curious. But one day, a shocking twist in Srinivas and Swathi story, promises to push Jeeva and Jyotshna apart. What is the twist? Why and how, these two lives are intertwined? Watch the film for answers.

Performances : Allu Sirish doesn’t have a screen presence that his brother commands and he doesn’t seem to be improving on that factor either. If he concentrates on emoting as well as his characters require then the good sequences that directors are writing for him will get enhanced further. He does need to work a lot on his expressions and body language but his dialogue delivery has improved a lot.

Surbhi and Seerat Kapoor are here to give a “visual treat” and even though their characters have some meat, their skills don’t match upto the standards. Avasarala Srinivas is good in the scenes he is given and carries the emotions really well.

Rohini, Satya and Praveen score maximum points in supporting cast members. Dasari Arun Kumar has good screen presence but his character doesn’t have enough meat to be taken seriously. He is there to just give a twist to the proceedings.

Technicalities : Chota K Prasad’s editing cannot be credited as he does try hard to keep the proceedings smooth but the heavy repetitiveness in the script and hammed up exposition kills the important emotions in the sequences. The scenes play out on screen one after the other but doesn’t seem to have any rhythm or help the movie to sustain the interest after a point.

Shyam K Naidu is good with his camera work but he doesn’t really look to give a twist to the concepts he tried with lighting and blocking. He at times uses different color schemes and they don’t really sit well with the scene. But few scenes stand out because of his work and we need appreciate him for that. A little more consistent work would have helped the film better.

Mani Sharma proves again that his Back Ground score can elevate scenes irrespective of the actors. He does use some old themes but still manages to enhance the feel of the scenes with suitable tone. On the other hand, his songs are just there to fill the gaps in runtime.

Writer and Director, VI Anand tries to prove his skill as a writer by taking an interesting concept but he fails to explore it in a new way. He sticks to creating easy coincidences that take story forward rather than things that build up to an end. With the lead pair sidelined with weak characters and the sundry getting more meat, we tend to think why should I feel for a nosy person and a jobless carefree guy, when a much more respectable and purposeful person is killed. Has she is the heroine she takes all the dumb and easy decisions to take the story forward rather than showing a spine.

One tends to feel that the script has been made on a first draft as some logics the maker used to explain the coincidences as truth and science, seem too amateur. How come a science professor forget that exceptions are the building blocks of science? How come he is just there to explain a theory that doesn’t really serve any purpose? An explanation of similar incidents happening in two lives will also suffice for the premise. On the whole, even though the film is well executed, it leaves us aspiring for more with the concept than going the easy way outs.

Analysis : In a world of pure coincidences there is a chance of exceptions existing. Some study them to understand their occurances scientifically and others think that everything is just a God’s play. Whatever name you give, when you try to use a concept and construct a story around it, it should not look like an interesting tool used by a maker to tell a routine story. Had the makers tried to work more on creating a better story for the premise they have, it could have been even better. This neither ends up as a science fiction nor clicks as a thriller. Sits somewhere in between and you may find it interesting enough for a casual weekend watch.

Rating : 2.5/5

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