Is Officer having release troubles?

Nagarjuna Akkineni gladly announced his reunion with his close friend and director, Ram Gopal Varma, after 25 years, last year for an intense Cop drama. The movie is now called, Officer and it is scheduled for a release on 1st June. The industry insiders say the movie is having financial troubles even though it is a Nag film with RGV who gave Shiva, Antham and Govinda Govinda.

All three films are treated as very popular movies from the combo despite their box office status. While Shiva is regarded as a film that changed Industry, Antham became a classic for its story and making now, but it was a flop during release. Govinda Govinda is a popular TV movie now, but the too innovative concept did not let the film become a hit back in the day. After a long time, they came together and normally, if RGV is in Sarkar form, many would have been excited about it. But he has been on a downward swing that no one could ever imagine.

Now, the trade experts Nagarjuna is helping out Suresh Chandra and RGV, the producers by releasing the film mostly on his own through his close friends. Many others expressed that the maker cannot be trusted even though Nagarjuna is a still a force at the box office, which he proved time and time again. The major issue for a film is also said to be the unnecessary controversy that RGV muddled himself into against Pawan Kalyan. We have to wait and see if a movie can sustain all this negativity and also, negative comments like even Nag is not confident in the film and become a hit at the box office.