NTR’s life is like Mahabharatam

Ram Gopal Verma is known for taking inspiration from real life and make movies that explore the details behind controversial parts of our history. He did a movie based on Ranga’s death, Vangaveeti and assassination of Paritala Ravi, Raktha Charitra. Now, he is looking to bring NTR’s life on screen. But he decided to bring the part where Lakshmi Parvathi entered his life, as Lakshmi’s NTR.

He talked about the movie in detail and said, “I am not trying to outsmart anyone or effected by any person’s decisions. I’m trying to make my own movie with NTR as my lead. There are no villains and heros in my story. I am just trying to bring out the truth as I heard, adding some fictional drama to it. I will be trying to make it as authentic as I can and there are no sides taken by me or my writers in making this film.”

Talking about Balakrishna also making a movie based on NTR’s life, he said, “I took which part of his life excites me more and some other person can make some thing else. He is undoubtedly a legend and many people can make movies with whatever part of his life they connect with. I will think about it if NBK offers me to direct but as off now, I am happy to tell my story!”