NTR Mahanayakudu becomes a joke

Trolls don’t care about who you are or what is your status? They just go on their duty to find dirt and laugh at it as they make fun of it. NTR Mahanayakudu as become such a joke now.

Legend NTR, who earned the name of “Anna Garu” as a respect from common public and his fans, would not have imagined that a film about him and his struggles will become a joke like this.

Apparently, messages about the film being showed freely to TDP cadre as come out in open. The messages read that CBN and other TDP ministers have asked district leaders to mobilise cadre to go and watch the film at theatres free of cost and the money to exhibitor will be paid by party.

The truth those messages hasn’t come out but people feel that NTR deserved a much better tribute film wise and he never deserved to end up as a joke like this. Theatres are deserted despite those messages to further embarrass the makers.