NTR Kathanayakudu

Nandamuri Balakrishna promised a wholesome history lesson on NTR’s prominence and his contribution to Indian Cinema, in a dramatic way. Krish wrote and directed the film. Let’s discuss how it is …

Plot:: For few, he is real life God, for few he is a dram, for few is their life and soul. A man who could pull off such fan frenzy in Telugu Cinema is NTR. He maintained the fan frenzy till he entered politics. How he achieved such highs and what lows he had to brave? Read on to know more …

Performances:: Nandamuri Balakrishna tried hard to match up with NTR but it is a tough ask from any actor. He did give his most honest performance till date as NTR in real life than reel life. His main motto seems to remind people about NTR and he is highly successful in doing so.

Vidya Balan is good but the role doesn’t seem to require her caliber of an artist. She needs much more material than what she got. Daggubati Raja, Sumanth, Kalyanram managed to leave an impression.

Technicalities:: VS Gnanasekhar’s cinematography is not as good as we anticipated it to be. He did have few problems in hiding the age of Balakrishna in major sequences. But in a few scenes, he is good too.

Sai Madhav Burra could come up with lines that hit us like a jolt in few instances but at many, he falls flat too as they seem to have gone overboard.

Arram Rama Krishna as an editor could have looked at the length and controlled it wisely. As few sequences seem repetitive and worthless.

MM Keeravani music is good and BGM is also perfect for few scenes. He did come up with an anthem for fans of NTR.

Krish as a writer and director tried hard to include all known elements of NTR life more than the struggle he faced before coming to Industry that could have defined what NTR is, in an actual sense. Also, he could really make the film like a coherent one piece as it works more in bits and pieces than a whole. He could have done better in a few scenes for sure.

Analysis:: The greatest escape for a common man from his day-to-day life is two hours of unadulterated entertainment called cinema. It made many common men and women, on-screen idols and demi-gods. NTR is one such actor from South Indian Cinema who could go beyond the boundaries of being just a character on-screen to an “Anna” (Brother) for every person off the screen.

When handling such person’s story Krish should have concentrated on the personal life aspects of NTR before he came to Industry and what made him such a dominating personality in real life too. He just tried to play with known history and story so that Balakrishna gets his deal to appear in major roles of his father. Still, he managed to hold it together for us to give it a watch.

Rating: 3/5

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