NTR for the first time in a romance?

Trivikram Srinivas is known for presenting his heroes in an ultra stylish avatar. He changed looks of Mahesh Babu for Khaleja and Pawan Kalyan looked urbaner in his movies. Now, he is directing Jr. NTR in his next film. The movie was said to be based on a novel. Few said, it is a detective novel and few said, it is a family entertainer. We tried to find out what is the truth behind them and tried to catch up with the sources.

They did not reveal much but said that the rumors are untrue. One of them said, “Movie will be very fresh for Trivikram Srinivas as well. He is hurt by all the plagiarism comments and wants to come up with completely his own ideas in scenes. With the extremely, negative feedback, he decided to go back to the scripting stage for this movie and scrapped all the old school ideas that he might have let them slip by in the script. He is tightening the script without any loopholes and decided to give it more time than to rush it.”

Another source told us, “Trivikram is not experiencing the death of ideas. He is happy to write his own fresh script and to prove all the negative feedback ill-founded, he is re-inventing. The movie has all the elements but it will basically be a romance in a family environment. That will be a first for Jr. NTR and hence, the actor is trying to develop a particular body frame. Mostly, the shoot should start in March!” Well, when a writer like Trivikram Srinivas takes things very seriously then we can say that he will come up with a highly exciting and satisfying film.