Not easy to take everything in our stride – Anushka

If there is any South Indian actress, who has survived over a period and seen lots of ups and downs, then it is Anushka Shetty. She started her career besides Nagarjuna, in Super and then scored hits with Vikramarkudu, Don. But her hit ratio was very less and she even thought about giving up before the release of Arundhati. With Arundhati she became huge sensation in Southern India and she got chances to work beside popular heroes like Suriya, Ajith, Vikram and she worked with all the Tollywood heroes except Pawan Kalyan. Her film with Mahesh Babu, released after Arundhati and audience could not accept her in such a role.

She has acted with Rajnikanth as well in Lingaa. Her pairing with Tall heroes like Nagarjuna and Prabhas has worked magic at box office. She played with Prabhas in Billa, Mirchi and Bahubali. All these films have been hits at box office and Bahubali has become a huge sensation. With Nagarjuna she has been a part of his movies like Don, Ragada, Damarukham, cameos in Oopiri, Soggade Chinni Nayana. She regards Akkineni Family and Nagarjuna has her god fathers in the industry and attributes her success to them and also Mallemala. She met press recently, as her part in Bahubali got to an end and her film with Suriya, S3 is ready for a release on December 16th. When she was asked about how she takes everything in her stride as she survived more than a decade in the glamorous world.

She replied that it is as difficult to take everything as it is and move on. Especially for a starter it gets even more difficult. She said, ” After working hard for several days on a project with all your heart and soul, it does get to you how it fares. When it fares well, we tend to take it to head and when it doesn’t fare well, he brings down our morale like anything”. She added further that experience helps you in such situations and said that with time you understand how to take things in stride and not let them effect you. But after a success, it is also important to be grounded and take right decisions. As a decade long survivor, her advice was to wait for the right projects to move forward after success and she ended saying, ” It is hard for any starter to take flops and hits as they are!”.

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