Not all you hear is true Says Regina

Regina Cassandra has been in the news for all the wrong reasons the days. The rumours and link-up gossips about actors are common but there are reports that she regretted falling in love with an actor and also, doesn’t really want to talk about what happened in the past but wants to mend her ways in future.

According to the reports, the actress has said that her downfall is due to falling in love early in the career and she will never look to fall in love or think about marriage until she once again puts her career on a rise. The actress is quoted to be saying, “I regret that phase of my career and hope I was clever enough to see what damage it is causing to me, personally and professionally!” Many started linking her up with various heroes and a young hero name has been taken in the media more than often.

The actress recently gave another interview and said, “Not all your hear is true and you can believe what you see, but not everything you hear. Even I too read lot of gossips and rumours about my friends and co-stars. I don’t go out and ask them for the truth. I feel bad about such news reports as we also have parents, loved ones in our lives.” Well, she did not talk much about the other rumors but left the issue at that!