Nithiin says he will tribute to PK for life!

Nithiin the actor, who found big successes early in his career and then struggled to find his way, till Vikram Kumar’s Ishq. He from them on started starring in many romances and he is now trying a different romantic action thriller, LIE in the direction of Hanu Raghavapudi. The movie has been censored with U/A and it is releasing on 11th August for Independence Day weekend. Even though there are other movies scheduled, Nithiin is confident that his movie will work big time.

“I think there is enough space for every film during a big holiday season and this weekend looks to be a huge one for all of us. I waited or six months after A..Aa. and when asked Trivikram, he suggested to change from soft romantic movies slowly as I have been doing only those, ever since Ishq. I found LIE, script and I’m happy that I worked with Hanu. This movie will be a new experience as for the first time I changed my body language and also, the story is quite engaging,” said Nithiin.

He continued, “ I’m happy that I got a chance to act with Arjun in this movie and learned a lot from him. Megha Akash has been selected after Gautham Menon showed her pics and we should thank him for a wonderful suggestion. Pawan Kalyan and my love for him are eternal. i learnt acting by watching his movies. In my first audition, I acted a Pawan Kalyan scene and that’s the starting point off my acting career. So, even if people won’t like it that much, some reference as a tribute will be there in all my movies. I’m cried for a week when Akhil flopped, surely I will make a movie with him in future that will be highly successful.”

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