Nikhil’s Mudra to release in December

Nikhil Siddhartha decided to change his looks for his next film, Mudra. In the movie, he looks more bulky than ever and he is playing an investigative Journalist.

The movie release has become an uncertainty as the Producers did not want to clash with any big movies or even release their movie in between them. So, even though they finished filming they waited to find a suitable date.

Now giving themselves ample time to promote and also for the buzz on the movie to increase, they decided to release on 28th December, hoping that the New Year’s Eve holidays will help the movie in Other Countries as well.

Lavanya Tripathi is acting as the leading lady and movie is directed by TN Santhosh who made the original in Tamil, Kanithan. Sam CS is scoring the music and Tagore Madhu is presenting the movie.