Nikhil takes on fake certificate scam!

The fake certificate scam has been hurting many students and robbing some merit students of their opportunities. With fake caste certificates even Government jobs are being robbed from the real talent and those who are really eligible. As a journalist, hero tries to find the root of this scam. What will he find out? How will he bring out the truth?

This is in brief the story of next Nikhil film, Mudra. The movie is all about how the scam has become an integral part in our system and how fake talents are ruling the roost. The Tamil original, Kanithan is said to have been changed by 90% to fit the today’s Telugu market demands.

Original film director, Lakshman is writing the film and also directing it. Lavanya Tripathi is playing the lead and few images have been released by the team. After Kirrak Party, this will be the release from Nikhil this year and soon, the team will announce the release date too.