Nikhil is ready for a Kirrak Party!

Nikhil Siddharth has made a name for himself as the go to actor for new age films in Telugu Cinema. The actor made it his own to do the youngster roles in Cinema these days. Most of the young guy roles have been finding him and he is carefully planning to show variation wij each and every film. Now, he is coming with his new college film, Kirrak Party. The movie is a remake of Kannada Blockbuster film, Kirak Party.

The trailer of the movie promises a fun movie with the hero playing as Krishna. He has two shades in his character and the hero is looking more energetic than his earlier films. Nikhil shot to fame with Happy Days and he seems to have found similar kind of energy in this movie too. Simran Pareenja, Samyuktha Hegde are debuting with this movie in Telugu.

The trailer seems to be teasing us the right amounts with showing what the movie has to offer. We can see the shades of character study of Krishna and his romances too, what the original stood for in just the trailer. Ajaneesh Lokhnath’s origibal scintillating score is used again here. Saran Koppisetty is debuting as the director with Sudheer Varma adapting the screenplay and Chandoo Mondeti writing the dialogues.