Nikhil insists on their presence!

Nikhil Siddhartha, the actor who is one steady rise ever since Swami Ra Ra, has planned to remake, Kirik Party, the Kannada blockbuster film with same heroines in Telugu. A K Entertainments is producing the film and Nikhil has roped in his friends, Chandoo Mondeti and Sudheer Verma to write the screenplay and dialogues of the movie.

Koppisetty Saran is directing the movie. But as the young director is debuting with the movie, Nikhil wants both his friends to help him can the key scenes. According to a source, “ Nikhil is insisting Sudheer Verma and Chandoo, to be at the shoot and help the young director to shoot the key scenes. As they are paid some handsome amounts as remuneration for their work, even producers are hoping that they would adhere to his request.”

Well, the shoot of the movie is planned in a real life college that has been taken on a hire by the producers for a month long schedule. The regular shoot of the movie will start soon and Rashmika Mandana and Samyuktha Hegde will be reprising their roles in the movie. More than 100 young actors have been roped in to play the college students roles in the movie.

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