Nikhil films grabs a huge deal

Nikhil Siddhartha started off his career as one of the leads in Happy Days, eleven years ago. He became highly famous after he started selecting different scripts that suit his age and also, he performed in those films like a professional, improving with each one. Along with his skills, he also improved his market strength at the box office and his reputation among the audiences meant that Satellite and Digital rights will go for good prices too.

The actor’s yet to go on sets film, Mudra managed to grab a deal of 5.5 crores from Satellite rights. This is a huge deal for any Nikhil Siddhartha starrer and it shows the confidence the actor has built with his reputation. Tagore Madhu is producing the movie. This movie is a remake of Tamil film, Kanithan with the same director, T.N. Santhosh. Nikhil announced that this movie will be a complete re-imagination of the original.

Still, the movie pre-production works are going on and the actor is preparing to start the shoot soon. His latest film, Kirrak Party, managed to make its production cost and the movie is regarded as an average grosser at the box office. Nikhil wants to strike big with Mudra as it is a more contemporary social awareness subject about fake certificates scam.