Nikhil announces his next with a debutant!

Nikhil Siddhartha, the young actor who is making great progress as the star in the Telugu Cinema with his movies one by one. His latest movie, Keshava also turned up a good hit at the box office. Now, the actor is looking to make another film that could release this year end. This movie is the remake of Kannada Blockbuster, Kirik Party. At first, Raju Sundaram is announced to be the director but all of a sudden the production house released a debutant’s name as the director.

Sharan Koppisetty, is the director of the movie and Chandoo Mondeti is writing the dialogues. Sudheer Verma, his other friend is writing the screenplay of the movie. With Nikhil asking them to do the needful everybody is intrigued why did they change the director all of a sudden. Also, the production house has announced a casting ad for new actors besides Nikhil. The sources said that the production house wanted to go all-in with Raju Sundaram but they had a fall out.

“Raju Sundaram wanted to make the movie as he could but Production house wanted to go in another direction. He had a fall out with the producers, still they wanted to mend the differences. But Nikhil decided to ask his friends to help him out in writing a completely new movie with the plot line from Kirik Party. That made it for Raju Sundaram and he walked out of the production,” said the source. Well, we hope the movie will be as good as Kirik Party!

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