Nikhil to announce four new projects!

Nikhil Siddhartha, has been one hero who realised the importance of script early on in his career after going rogue with some bad selection. He has now proved himself as one of the best upcoming heroes who has a good box office stamina. His last release, Keshava became a decent money earner and he wants to continue the good work. He has increased 12 kgs of weight for his next film, Kirik Party remake.

Other than this he has signed three more films in Telugu and he gave a green signal to the sequel of his Karthikeya with Chandoo Mondeti. Along with that he will be doing a movie in the production of Tagore Madhu and the announcement will come in few days. After that he has another movie to be directed by Tarun Bhasskar who made Pelli Choopulu.

The movies will keep him busy from September to December, 2018. Along with signing these films, he is also planning to release two to three movies every year from 2018 and he started hearing to many more scripts from new filmmakers and screening them carefully. Well, we expect the actor to take TFI to even more heights with his rare gift of finding good scripts and spotting talent.

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