I am nervous with release fever Says Nikhil

Nikhil Siddhartha is one of the major young star heroes, who decided to change the course of his films after few bad films. He is now, one of the most marketable young heroes and his films like Swami Rara, Karthikeya, Surya vs Surya, Ekkadikipothav Chinnavada and Keshava made him a prominent box office hero. Now the actor is getting ready to release his film Kirrak Party on 16th March. He talked about the film to media.

He said, “I am actually suffering with release fever and the next 10 days are hardwork for me. I can’t bear the release tension, but I am getting used to it lately. This film is special for me. I bulked up to 86 kgs for this movie and it took me 4 months. I spent my time with Chandoo Mondeti, Sudheer Verma and Saran Koppisetty, discussing the film and we made it a compact one. Original is a 3 hour long film and ours is a 2 hrs 25 minutes film. We completed the censor formalities and the movie RR work is going on in Bengaluru.”

About what attracted him to make this remake, “I will be playing a college boy role after almost a decade. Also, proper college films have been reduced these days in Telugu and this film is a proper one that happens entirely in rural college atmosphere. Also, after Happy Days, I did not try many college films, so I chose it. More than these reasons, towards interval my character reacts to addressing women in a cheap way, very violently and how that shapes me is very important. I am doing this film, mainly because of the shades, I get to portray.”

About director and team, “I requested Chandoo Mondeti and Sudheer Verma, to help me on this film and they worked hard to make it look authentic in Telugu. Also, this is a very true remake of the film, hence we used same tunes too. Ajaneesh Loknath did a great job. Saran and my producer never had a fight and the movie came out really well.”

About his next films, ” My next film is not Kanithan remake. It is not a remake but it is an original film with same director with similar plot line. We are still trying to get the casting right. I will join the discussions after the release of Kirrak Party. After that Karthikeya 2 will start and Chandoo Mondeti is reading the script, he will finalise the script after Savyasachi works are over.”

Nikhil concluded the interview by saying, ” I have been part of the Industry from long time but I still feel like a debutante. I am happy to be doing this job and would love to continue doing so. Every film is as important as my first one for me and both Simran Paranjee and Samyuktha Hegde, the heroines are highly talented. We hope we did a good film with the resources we have and to the best of our knowledge. We just pray that people like the film.” The movie is releasing on 16th of March and the Tollywood Strike is expected to end by 8th of March.