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Love is a strong emotion and you don’t want to miss out on the very important person in your life. Being in love is the most important emotion and no body wants to lose it under any circumstances. But if you have an attitude what would you do? How will you win others?

Plot : Babu (Nani) a carefree guy with an attitude introduced himself to us writing supplies to pass out his B.Tech. There he meets an Invigilator (Sachin Khedkar), after having met him for all the supplies he understands and helps him in his last exam to avoid him forever. After completion, he chance encounters Keerthy (Keerthy Suresh) and falls in love, instantly. From there on a decent stalking Telugu Film follows till the moment Keerthy accepts his disturbance as love. All of a sudden, Siddharth Varma (Naveen Chandra) enters into the story. Who is he? What happens next can be expected but watch it on screen to know how?!

Performances : Nani, the Natural Star, seems to have taken a nose dive into routine formulaic films from his last two releases. While in Majnu he had at least something new to offer, here he has nothing new but he tries hard with his ease to make the line and the scene work. The comedy works fine but in emotional scenes the attitude he tried makes it look too artificial. This movie demanded him to be star and carry the weight around and he does that well.

Keerthy Suresh looked fine in her Tamil films but in this film she looked too worn out. In acting too she looked to be trying hard opposite to her natural ease. At the end she still managed to look fine for the role. But her chemistry with Nani was not that evident on screen. May be it was there but you can’t see it on screen some how. Eshwari Rao, Posani Krishna Murali, Sachin Khedkar, Navin Chandra, Thulasi all tried to infuse life into their characters but it looked odd and forced rather than free flowing. Comedians like Krishna Bhagavan, Raghu Babu were there to fill up one or two scenes and nothing much.

Technicalities : Film highly depended Nani looking presentable with his heavy attitude and have a decent chemistry but the Cinematographer Nizar Shafi concentrated on filling the screen and making it colorful with different tones. He needs some more experience in playing with exposure and setting up the scene.

Editor Pravin Pudi could have done away with some scenes in the first half and second hour too. Well, script might have demanded few but the fun gives into drag most of the times. Make up and other departments did a very casual work.

Music and Back Ground Score by Devi Sri Prasad is in sync with the movie. Even his quite popular tracks have been picturized in a routine and non exciting way. He had nothing to bring to the table fresh and it looks like except for music he did not bother to try even.

Trinadha Rao Nakkina and Prasanna Kumar had a good outing with Cinema Choopistha Mama but with Nani they needed some more story and good blend to write a decent entertainer for him. The story looked atmost suitable for Raj Tarun and Nani brought so much of his natural ease but the script being inspired from many films discourages his efforts to the hilt. The movie looks too outdated and if it has any life that will be due to some clever comedy.

Analysis : The film lacks in any novelty and even the attitude of Nani that was highly lovable from the teasers is too routine on screen. If you have been watching movies that worked in Telugu Cinema in recent years, you will be able identify how each scene resembles a movie and debate about which movie the scene has been taken from. The basic structure of these type of movies is to bait you with popular actors and then hope you will enjoy it. As not much works here, still if you like watching Nani, you might enjoy the movie.

Rating : 2.5/5

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