The atrocities on the young women have reached their peak and with each day, they are growing disgustingly weird. To put a stop in such incidents an education regarding the issues and respect is a must. I understood that this is the point a new director wanted to make in his movie, Nenorakam but he did fail in making an impact. Why, do read on …

PLOT : Gautam (Sairam Shankar) falls for a do-gooder and preacher, Sweccha (Reshmi Menon) who likes and loves plants more than humans. She wants everyone around her to be happy and have respect for life in all forms. Gautam disturbs her in his own style but by the time he is able to convince her, Sarath (Sarath Kumar) kidnaps her. He tests his love for Swecha in different ways and the tests are in noway easy to pass. Did he pass the tests? What happens in the end? Watch it on screen ..

Technicalities : Writer – Director Sailendra had a point in his mind but he was highly influenced by many 80’s and 90’s blockbusters. He tries to create a false story situations and hopes that audience would connect with the love story. Had he thought twice or thrice before taking such nosedives into a commercial drama, he would have understood why similar sequences worked on those charismatic actors and why they wouldn’t work on a struggling actor like Sairam Shankar. He got a great talent like Sarath Kumar but he fails to use him beyond a point.

In direction he does show some good techniques in focusing on the right emotion through out but fails to extract right performances from his actors. Even his crew let him down with bad VFX and also his screenplay after a point gets too predictable. Without creating good characters how much ever you try to make a social relevant point, it does miss the target and doesn’t create any interest in the audience as well. Music by Mahith Narayana was too old school and you can’t enjoy the tunes even while in the theatre. He needs to work even better towards creating new sound to continue legacy of his brother, Chakri. BGM by him seemed to have too many inspirations but it suited the movie and proceedings well. Cinematography by Siddharth Ramaswamy could not work beyond the limitations of the budget to create some pleasing visuals. Editing by Karthika Srinivas felt like rushed even though the movie was long in production.

Performances : Sarath Kumar helps the movie to pick up in the second hour after a forgettable first hour. His screen presence improves a normal scene as well. His look at his age and his energy levels shame several young actors. It was him who made a impact in the entire film runtime of one hundred and thirty two minutes. Actress Reshmi Menon looks ok on screen and she does provide some freshness to this rotten formula. When it comes to the lead actor of this film, Sairam Shankar, one feels may be he needs to understand that he does have many limitations and take time off to work on them. His dialogue diction and acting skills show no sign of improvement from his first film. He also doesn’t have a screen presence and he needs to under these limitations and work on them as soon as possible. Watching MS Narayana after a long time makes one nostalgic but that doesn’t help one to laugh in an unfunny atmosphere. Viva Harsha was forgettable and rest of the actors were also wasted.

Analysis : Sairam Shankar has been trying hard since 14 years to prove himself as a lead. But he seems to miss the point. He needs to have a screen presence and charisma to pull off the sequences he attempted and he lacks them. Either he needs to develop on them or try to at least change his subjects so that they fit his talent and scope. Director Salendra has some talent but he fails to understand the difference between a good script and commercial success. On the whole an okay film that fails to entertain you.

Rating : 2/5

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