When we see disable or specially abled people, we think about only one thing, that is, how will they survive in this big bad world without the necessary organs that we do. But they show us how to lift ourselves from adversities and conquer the world. If somebody cheats them? What will they decide to do? Will they ever believe any person?

Plot : Kalyan (Aadhi Pinisetty) is a successful chef who is visibly disabled. His friend Anu (Rithika) loves him but he takes it as her kindness towards him due to his condition. His parents advise him to get married to her.

But he meets Vennela (Tapsee Pannu) and her kind heart makes Kalyan fall for her. One day, when he decides to propose to her, she reveals her problems and then she disappears. What happened to her? Will Kalyan be able to help her? What role will Anu play in all this? Watch the movie for answers

Performances : Aadhi Pinisetty tried his best to infuse life into a plotless thriller that doesn’t really concentrate on being consistent with his character. He tried to showcase those flaws in character design as shades but we can see that even wasn’t fully convinced with few scenes.

Tapsee Pannu got a good role but she couldn’t really fit into the character as much as the script demanded her. She needs to work on her skills in dubbing and also in trying to be a character on screen rather than just overact.

Rithika was just ok as she did not get much to do. Shivajiraja, Tulasi was good. Vennela Kishore brought house down with laughter in few scenes.

Technicalities : Kona Venkat as a writer always tries to work on clichés and present them in an interesting way, rather than looking to go completely new and original. He took a film that did not become a hit in Tamil and added his own flavor to it. But he couldn’t create depth in the characters that were lacking even in the original.

Pradeep E Raghav’s editing for this movie is not up to the requirement of the film’s genre. The movie needed to have sharp cuts and the director was attempting to induce life into proceedings slowly. But he needed to keep the story moving from his end and remove any unnecessary parts. He missed that.

Sai Sriram’s photography is a major plus point but a dull narrative with even dull visuals couldn’t create the desired impact that a thriller should have.

Achu Rajamani and Prasan’s music seems to follow one note and one song only throughout the film. We just end up asking them to stop such harassment.

Harinath, the director of the movie doesn’t really look to lift the pace of the movie or at least give the clichéd twists exciting narrative structure. It feels like he wanted us to feel something for the characters but what did he really attempt we don’t understand as even he is confused about how to really make this thriller workable.

Analysis : In a movie, we expect the wow factor to be alive, whatever kind of film, it might be. You want to just enjoy the proceedings and be engaged throughout. But this film, even though happens to be a thriller, takes off in a very predictable way and ends, testing your patience.

Except for Aadhi, none really perform well for us to really feel for the characters. Important characters needed more space to grow on the audience rather, we just get a screenplay that can neither serve as a thriller nor engage us as a simple story. Could have been a much better film.

Rating : 1.5/5

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