Needi Naadi Oke Katha

Father and son dynamic is one, we cannot really understand. In a mother and son, relationship, son behaves like he owns her and they share a kind of intimacy where son shares most of his secrets to his mother. When it comes to father and son, father appears to be more egoistic and deaf to what son is going through in his life. Actually, father should be more understanding and supportive as he gone through the same age and similar battle with his parents too.

Plot : Rudraraju Devi Prasad (Devi Prasad) is a lecturer has a good name in his locality. He wants his son to be one who can feel proud about. He wants him to be known as his son, who is a topper in academics. But his son, Rudraraju Sagar (Sree Vishnu) finds studying a boring exercise and he likes to be happy with what he can do rather than trying to do what he cannot do.

But when his father feels sad and bad, Sagar decides to change himself like how his father wants to see him. He meets Dharmika (Satna Titus) who is a friend of his sister as she is the ideal person his father describes. Dharmika starts teaching him but she falls in love with him looking at his innocence. Sagar gets frustrated as he is unable to change himself. What will his father do? How sil Sagar react to his father’s decision? Watch the film for answers…

Performances : Sree Vishnu did his best to bring the body language of a fit-for-nothing kind of a person who feels life is more about enjoying every moment. He understood the character of a person who tries to be happy with the small things in life and doesn’t have huge goals. But he still needs to develop his expressions for close-ups.

Satna Titus looked very good in the role and she performed well too. Her character needed a little more purpose than just being the catalyst for changing the life of Sagar.

Devi Prasaad did his best to maintain a chemistry with Sree Vishnu as his father. The dynamic is believable in many scenes but in few scenes it gets too dramatic and in those his performance is not as good we expect, due to early scenes. All other actors are good in their roles.

Technicalities : Director of Photography, Raj Thota and Parvez K, did their job well enough in trying to use the details provided by art department but few shots seemed very jarring and uncomposed even though they are supposed to be the opposite way around. Their camera work did help the movie in setting up some engaging visuals.

Music composed by Suresh Bobbili is very good. It showed the taste of the director. But the music sometimes seemed like it did not suite the situation but was added because director envisioned and wanted it so. That could have been avoided.

Editing by Bonthala Nageswar Reddy is good enough but he did not deliver a complete job. He seemed to have tried to give an unsettling feeling to the audience to understand the situation and dynamics of changing relationships. That did not work out throughout the film as few scenes suffered in creating an impact due to that.

Writer-Director Venu Udugula should be appreciated for taking a point that has been said many times in a more realistic manner. He approached the movie in a no budget filmmaking fashion and style. It worked in many scenes but in few scenes it did not bring the desired affect. It suffered due to over reliance on melodrama. His writing is more strong in simple moments and had he bagged on them more, the impact would have been better.

Analysis : This film is a retelling of many youngsters past and present. The filmmakers tried to be more honest to the subject and that needs to be appreciated. Few choices here and there, did make us feel like they rushed it through due to lack of budget but still, the writing is strong enough that we are convinced with the way the film unfolds.

A bit of predictability in the screenplay reduces the impact and we end up looking at a film that could have been more impactful than what it ended up to be. Still its honesty and writing saves the film and we can watch it once at a theatre without fail.

Rating : 2.5/5

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