NBK-Vinayak movie shelved?

Inttelligent producer, C. Kalyan wanted to bring the Chennakesava Reddy duo back together. He is a great admirer of Balakrishna and likes Vinayak’s abilities to present a hero well on screen. But Balakrishna did not like stories Vinayak brought for him.

The movie which was supposed to go on floors in August has been pushed to an indefinite date and in the meantime NTR, the biopic, started processing. Now, NBK is busy with NTR, hence he has no dates available till October. By the time, Boyapati Srinu will complete 75 to 80% of RC12. Hence, NBK decided that on 10th October their movie pooja ceremony will be completed and one or two schedules will be completed before mid-November, when the last schedule of RC12 will be shot.

Boyapati is said to be ready with the script and he has even narrated it as a political thriller to NBK it seems. The movie is aimed at Summer release before the general assembly elections start in May-June period of next year, most probably.