NBK says some people stooped low for politics

Nandamuri Balakrishna also talked about the other movies on NTR’s life indirectly. He did not take names but said that some people are trying to use several aspects of his father’s life to make some extra bucks.

He said, “People are very ruthless nowadays. My father always insisted that we should be honest and true to ourselves. Never care for others and never really should wish bad upon them.

In his life, there are some aspects that many need not know. They are extremely personal and I don’t stoop to such low to cash on them. I made the movie to celebrate his memory and hard work.

I will always be thankful for being his son in this lifetime,” concluded the actor. Well, he indirectly pointed towards RGV and his movie, Lakshmi’s NTR. Seems like NBK wants to ignore the movie yet doesn’t want it to come out for sure.