Small budget films and films with weird concepts that otherwise are seen completely out of box and whacky are getting good attention these days from audience and production houses. Now, promising a similar kind of raw and whacky storytelling, Natakam released on 28th September. Let’s discuss about it merits and de-merits.

Plot : Balakoteshwara Rao alias Koti (Ashish Gandhi) does no work but his father has good agriculture land that yields them a lot of money. He falls in love with Parvathi (Ashima Nerwal). They have an intimate relationship that no one knows about. A gang of robbers enter the village of Koti, Chintalapudi. What happens next forms the rest of the story …

Performances : Ashish Gandhi as an actor doesn’t really impress us. He has ease in his body language but that is not enough to judge his caliber as someone else dubbed for him.

Ashima Nerwal is beautiful but she doesn’t have any acting skills. At least in this movie she showed none. All others are not even worth a mention.

Technicalities : Sai Kartheek gave good tunes and good Back ground score. He seems to have decided to give music to any film and all films that come his way!

Garuda Vega Anji gave good visuals in this movie and his hard work got wasted. This movie did not deserve him and his work.

Manikanta, the editor the movie tried hard to make sense of the movie. He might have begged the director and makers to give him some footage that can be sanely placed in an order to make the final cut, a film.

Kalyanji Gogana is the writer and director of the movie. He just wrote the entire film on one false permise of revenge and a love story that doesn’t make any sense. In love stories twisted ends and characters might work as part of the story but if entire story gets twisted, it makes no sense at all.

Analysis : There are films that make sense and there are films that are outrageously weird and funny. The idea could be anything but the execution needs to be good. When you try to leave a bad taste for the audience at the climax, you need to tell a story that has such strong impact too. This movie doesn’t really fall into the category of an impactful drama but a ridiculous story that needed an able hand to make it work. He just messed it up with his amateurish writing.

Rating : 1.5/5

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