Naruda DONARuda

The best donation anybody can do in this entire world is … some might feel giving their daughter’s hand in marriage to a boy, Kanyadanam, some might answer it is giving food to hungry, Annadanam. But the real meaning of donation is to donate a person in need whatever they want in how much ever quantity possible. So giving a family that doesn’t have a child to complete them, Sperm Donation, should also be considered equally great with all others. But…

Story : A young man without any aim in life, Vikram (Sumanth) keeps living on the money earned by his Mother’s (Sri Lakshmi) Boutique. He is trapped by an infertility specialist Anjaneyulu (Tanikella Bharani) to become a Sperm Donor has he has a rare and best quality sperm. He starts it out for pocket money and then takes it up as a full time job looking at the money flow and gifts from the happy clients. He falls for Ashima Roy (Pallavi Subash) a bank employee and slowly develops a relationship with her. The relationship grows stronger and stronger and they get married to each other. But the happy couple are hit by a sad news and it shakes up their entire existence. What is the sad news? Will Ashima accept Vicky even after knowing his work? You have to watch it on screen to know further details.

Performances : Sumanth after long time looked energetic and charismatic on screen. He tried infuse life into the character but he did look bit out of sorts in few scenes. May be taking time off helped him in looking fresh but here and there it did put him in confusion as well. It could be the fault of director too, who should take care of these sort of things. On the whole, traces of Godavari, Sathyam Sumanth were still found and he showed that he is still more than a competent actor.

Pallavi Subash tried to repeat Yami Gautam’s act in the original but yet times due to lack of proper communication she did seem off in some emotional scenes. But she did a great and better job than many other telugu debut actresses who give blink and a miss performances in films.

Tanikella Bharani is an asset to the film. His act as the infertility specialist is the best among his illustrated career. He made the somewhat uncomfortable and awkward subject funny with his witty portrayal. He brought house down whenever he described someone with an adjective followed by Sperm. After him, another asset would be screen actress Sri Lakshmi who got a substantial role after many years and watching her on screen brought in many nostalgic memories and she gave her best in a character that demanded nuanced performance.

Suman Shetty, Chalapathi Rao were good too in their roles. Cameo appearance by Chaitanya in the end is like an icing on the well made tasty cake.

Technicalities : The film was shot well but at few occasions one would definitely feel the cinematography could have been even better majorly with background lighting and foreground set up. Shot composition is good but at times it seemed a copy paste job from original. Shaneil Deo can do much much better than this.

Music and Back ground score from SriCharan Pakala was too loud when the sensitive subject demanded for a much more sophistication and romance in the music. At times, he seemed to have played some popular tunes in BG. He could have easily been a major asset sharing the burden of actors but thank God actors were able to pull off some scenes pretty well.

Editing by Karthika Srinivas is good as it tried to match to the tone and speed of the original. It was a respectable job. Production Values by SS Creations and Rama Reels needs a special mention. The film never looked like a cheap shot at making quick money. The experience of producers was showing as spend wherever it was necessary.

Dialogues by the two young budding writers were the plus point of this witty drama. But they tried to follow the original religiously. They can take some liberty in writing as well. But as much as they were expected to deliver one feels they did.

Direction by Mallik Ram was adequate for the kind of the subject. The film needed a sensible person who knew what he or she was trying to achieve behind the camera and Ram seemed to have such knowledge. He did followed few shots from original but he tried to leave his own mark in few scenes as well. But the film did need a bit more sophistication on the whole.

Analysis : After Premam, which did deviate from the original and tried to just capture the essence from original, here we get a remake that just followed the original to the tee. Most of the parts do work as the actors gave their maximum but there was a bit of clumsy in the second half which could have been easily avoided. On the whole, a watchable remake that has few flaws here and there but entertains in large packages.

A family oriented “Sperm” Donation!

Rating : 2.75/5

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