Naresh should act with dignity – Sivaji Raja

Sivaji Raja came out and talked to press about the allegations made by senior actor Naresh and co, after winning the elections of MAA for presidency. He said, “Naresh should start acting with dignity now.”

He continued, “Chiranjeevi, Suresh Babu headed the committee that gave me clean chit about money handling during events in USA. He asked us about traveling in business class. Will he stop traveling in business class when he is going for shoots outside country? He did misuse 7 lakhs of money, can he talk about that?

He always says that he has 600 crores worth property, if had so much money, I will be happy to give 6 crores to MAA and construct the building. He always talks about his mother, Vijaya Nirmala giving money to the association. With just 25 thousand no body can run the association for years. Still I never disrespected her.

Now, I am ready to give Nagababu a return gift soon. I know him for 30 years but never expected such a gift. I am thankful for Chiranjeevi garu for coming forward to talk to KTR about land and offer himself a great contribution in money.

Death Insurance limit had to be increased from 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs. We couldn’t do that as election code came into affect. I did not deny them the right to take up their positions. I only told them that by Law, they have to wait till 31st of March to take over the office,” concluded Sivaji Raja. He said that it is Naresh who prevented them from giving Sri Reddy, the membership and when she took extreme step no one could act immediately.