Nara Rohit’s film to release in April?

Nara Rohit has been going about his work very silently. He is shooting for Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu and started shooting for Shabdam as well. He finished another film silently and it is titled, Aatagallu. The movie has been wrapped recently and the actor is playing to release the theatrical trailer in the first week of April and the movie by the end of the April for a possible date in the number of theatres available.

The actor is more elated as the producer these days. He hasn’t been in positive end of the spectrum at box office from past couple of years. He has been facing disasters and disappointments at the box office. But he finally found a success as producer. He trusted Venu Udugula and Sree Vishnu with Needi Naadi Oke Kadha and the movie got critical success. Even he did not expect it to be a commercial success but the movie has become one.

He said to be media outlet, “I showed the movie to my friends and they said, the movie is good but it may not make money. I then realised that the story is more important to reach to audience than the business. So, we released it limited screens and hoped it would click with audience. Now, we are increasing the number of theatres and this makes me doubly happy.” The film made on 2.25 crores budget made that movie back already and it is expected to bring in more profits for all the parties involved as the word-of-mouth is good too. Aatagallu might release in the last week of April.