Nara Rohit decides to dream big!

Nara Rohit is one of the young heroes who doesn’t care about the market but strives for quality along with quantity. He decided to be part of as many films as he can with interesting plotlines. He doesn’t really try to cater to only one set of audience and do one kind of films. He doesn’t even mind to play second lead in a film if he likes his character.

He does this all with a minimum budget in mind and never let his producers cross that threshold. If ever such problems have arisen, he tried to save them in what all possible ways he can. After a long time, he decided to go for a big budget movie and to not let any other producer suffer, he is producing it all on his own, as per the reports.

The major buzz in Industry about his film suggests that he is planning to unite again with Chaitanya Dantulri, his first film, Banam, director and this time, the movie will have a war backdrop. It will be a story happening during 1971 wartime and a budget of 15 crores is required to complete the production, it seems. Major details about the movie will be known soon once, Rohit finishes Aatagallu, Shabdam, and Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu, it seems.