Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends

For parents, children are everything, they live and even die for them. If a dad decides to answer every whim of his daughter and love her so madly that he is ready to do whatever it takes to make her happy. So can this type of dad forgive his daughter if she decides to love three boys at a time? What will you do? Whom will you decide to give your daughter’s hand to?

Plot : A person would be waiting for East Coast train at the railway station. His daughter’s wedding is called off or postponed until he arrives at the wedding. TC asks him why? And the man, Raghava Rao (Rao Ramesh) starts telling the story. After 5 years his wife conceived and during the birth chart preparation he is said that she could be his enemy, for life long. Raghava decides to go against and love his daughter beyond anything in the world. Padmavati (Hebah Patel) grows up like a princess under her father’s protective love.

For her 3 is the lucky number and when she decides to go and work in hyderabad after completing her degree, which was a fake arranged by her father even though she failed, her father decides to pay her salary. She befriends Maggie (Tejaswi Madivada) and then as her parents mainly mother (Sana) forces her to marry fast, she chooses to take 6 months time and decide on a boy to marry. She chooses three boys sportsman Gokul (Noel Sean), Police officer trainee Nani (Ashwin Babu) and Narendra Mohan Sastry (Parvateesam). Who really loves her? What challenges she faced? Will her father approve her decision? Any other secret wheel waiting? Watch it to know it!

Performances : Hebah Patel tried her best and she had improved on her skills a bit more than her earlier days. Much more hard work is still needed though. Rao Ramesh is the pillar for this movie and his presence helps to convey the point of the story much better than the script itself. Ashwin Babu looked comfortable when he had to perform as himself but when he asked to perform like Pawan Kalyan, his awkward and unfinished imitation was a big letdown.

Noel Sean tried hard to convince that he can go beyond the written word but he looked a little trying too much in some scenes. He needed to be a little more eased out in few scenes for them to work. Parvateesam once again proved that he has only one or two sets of expressions but he knows how to work with them in accordance to the scene. His character was comparatively weak to Noel Sean, but in both he emerges victorious. Sana and with references thrown all around Pawan Kalyan lifted the movie whenever it was on a cliff hanging further lose and down. Chamak Chandra and Shakalaka Shankar were a big bore after a point in their stretched scenes.

Technicalities : Writer Prasanna who gave screenplay and dialogues for the movie, seems to know how to pace a movie but he lacks clarity in taking the point home. After a point, however the film tends to drag on with no resolution coming out. Suddenly, in the third act the things are resolved in a hurry by bringing in a fourth character and making it all a big background plan by father. Had he planned it out better with much better scenes the impact would have been achieved. The film suffers and borrows a lot of inspirations from films like Dil, Bommarillu, Arya, Kottha Bangaru Lokham and many romcoms. The writing here by Prasanna and story writer Sairam looks too tacky and lazy at times.

The better way to handle this story would have been grounding it in reality with real life situations rather than forced comedy. Chota K Naidu camera is good but the actresses especially, Tejaswi and Hebah looked like they are being a part of a horror thriller rather than normal girls. Make up and lighting should have been taken care off. Editing was one thing of this flick that tries hard to make it all look stitiched together nicely but even editor could not help a sinking ship. Music by Shekhar Chandra is good to hear at the theatre but nothing that haunts you or stays with you outside. The BG score really helped few scenes and at times he was able to rise above the script in enhancing an emotion.

Even better than the actors as well. Production Design should be credited for not making any tacky adjustments and providing everything that the film requires.Director Bhaskar Bandi has a knowledge in pacing but when it comes to extracting better performances and creating an overall impact with the material be was given, he failed miserably. Any good script can make a novice better but any good director can make even a bad script look great. He needs to come out of the shadows and inspirations of older movies and try something on his own!

Analysis : The movie had a point but it just doesn’t try to connect you with it. Everything looks like a borrowed piece from some or the other film and a feel of dejavu follows you through out. It was like watching all the movies again on screen. Similar kind of concepts were explored before in Chukkallo Chandrudu and other movies from male point of view. This movie had a chance to say it in female point of view but they missed the bus even before it started from its starting point. Overall movie lacks the connect and looks lazy all along. Not worth of your time and money.

Rating : 1.5/5

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