Nani’s movie to cost so much?

Natural Star Nani is getting ready to start his next film in the direction of Vikram Kumar. The movie is said to be a women oriented film but from men’s perspective.

Nani will meet 5 ladies in his life and all of them contribute to him becoming what he ends up to be, it seems. Already Megha Akash, Keerthy Suresh are selected to play the leads and other three will be announced soon.

The new rumour about the film is that the director is asking for a budget of Rs. 50 crores and he is saying it is essential to realise the complete film as he envisioned it, it seems.

We have to wait and see, if the movie will have that high budget as Nani’s market is still around 20 crores and his biggest blockbuster, MCA collected close to 42 Cr, only.