Nani’s dual role raises intrigue

Nani for the first time did dual role in Jenda Pai Kapiraju and then he did Gentleman. Previous movie flopped but Gentleman became a hit. The movie explored the actor in him by giving him a negative character and a positive one. If his one character is a gentleman or not, became the ultimate USP of the movie and Nani did his job, well. After that, he did not try such double roles in other films, but he got an opportunity to explore two characters in his new movie, KrishnaArjuna Yuddham.

The movie first teaser has been released today. Movie is locked for 12th April release. It did create good excitement in Nani fans and his supporters in common audience. The teaser revealed about the characters of Krishna and Arjuna. Krishna is already revealed to be a guy from Village and Arjun is said to be a singer in Europe. But how they are connected is not revealed in the teaser.

They looked like cosmically connected. That is they could be two people whose love stories are connected by universe. Or there is a chance that Nani is just playing one role only, as a twist. May be the later is not why Nani will be interested in this film, but it did raise the intrigue. Anupama Parameswaran looked good and the entire setting seemed to be familiar yet something interesting like Nani’s recent films. Hip-hop Thamizha is scoring music and already Dari Choodu, single, has become a huge success. The other promotional details of the film will be announced soon.