Nani moves to court against Sri Reddy

Natural Star Nani, has been targeted by Sri Reddy, the actress who claimed to have been sexually abused and harassed by many producers and directors, in the name of casting couch. She even abused Pawan Kalyan and carried debates in news channels about her exploitation.

As Bigg Boss season-2 started, the actress started alleging Nani for not letting the makers approach her and even posted a video about it. Nani took to twitter to react and he even sent a legal notice to Sri Reddy after filing defamation cases.

He said on Twitter,

“Patience has a limit.”

Nani further said,

“I am NOT going to join the filth by reacting. I am NOT going to give them what they want. Initiated Legal Action. Legal Notice has been dispatched for filing defamation cases.

The fact that someone can randomly pick up some names who are soft targets and spread such absolutely baseless nonsense and think that they can actually get away with it, disturbs me!

I’m not worried about me, I’m worried for us and society we live in.

And for all those who still want to publish all that c**p for few click and views … have some shame. You have families!

The irony is that I even had to say this. There won’t be a comment from me on this ever again!


Well, he actor reacted finally on the issue rather than keeping silent about it. Let’s see how the issue will end and what will Sri Reddy reply to this, now