Nani gains hatred on social media

Natural Star Nani, has made a name for himself by interacting with his fans on social media in a positive way. He is known as the guy with positive energy and even in his movies, he tried to keep that impression alive. But Bigg Boss season-2, has earned him never seen hatred just for his 2 mins monologue on abusing Bigg Boss contestants with foul words and running smear campigns against them.

On social media audience, Nani expressed displeasure and also looked highly upset about Tejaswi Madivada getting eliminated due to hatred of many and also the hate campigns they have run. He said that he got all the reaction messages that have been compiled by Bigg Boss team about how the show is progressing and the social media opinions on housemates. He said the vicious circle of hatred will only burn them who spread it the most.

This kind of reaction from Nani is indigestible for many social media people. They started telling him to not to take any lectures on their behaviour and he should correct Tejaswi Madivada’s behaviour first. Many said that they need Tarak back as host. Some are running campaign #BringbackTarak. Well, Nani just tried to express his displeasure and people took it in a complete different sense than he intended.