Nani is fit as fiddle

Natural Star Nani is reported to have sustained some injuries while shooting for Jersey, in the media today. Some reports suggested him to be badly injured on his face.

The source from the production house rubbished the reports and said, “Nani is fit as a fiddle and none of such dangerous incidents have happened on the sets during the practice or shooting!”

Actually, Nani practiced for two months with local players and some of them have been taken into the film, to play the roles of the cricketers, it seems. Early while shooting, ball hit his helmet hard and after that Nani, production house have taken all the precautions to keep him and others as well, safe it seems.

Gautham Tinnanuri is directing the movie and Jersey is a complete sports backdrop movie that will explore grit of the main character, Arjun played by Nani. Anirudh Ravichander is giving music and Shraddha Srinath is playing the lady lead. Movie will release in Summer.