Nani decided to not take any remuneration?

Very few times actors decide to give big concessions to producers as they need to make money as well while they are trying to make sure a good and successful film is being made. Nani delivered continuous successes till KrishnaArjuna Yuddham and with Devadas, he made a comeback.

Now, the actor wants to deliver a big blockbuster with his next film, Jersey. The movie is a sports based film and the actor understands that it needs a lot of movie to be made on the level that script demands.

To give producers a chance to make it even better he said that he doesn’t want to take entire remuneration and asked them to give as much they think right in profits but first spend all the money they think market worth on him on the movie.

Gowtham Tinnanuri of Malli Raava is directing the film and Anirudh Ravichander is composing music for it. Movie shoot will start from November 10th after Diwali and will release during summer at an available date it seems.