Nandamuri Balakrishna attract trolls again!

Nandamuri Balakrishna has been one hero who these days cannot escape the trolls for even a day. His actions outside the theatres have been making him more and more social media friendly with every other person looking to troll him hard. He has been known for his short temper and quick reactive nature. Well, once he commented about his fans wishes and then he commented about his fans who came from far away and now, he hit one of his assistants in public.

The actor has been showing his anger these days so much in public that his fans are fearing what will they see today about him. Already, trolls have been popular about how he abuses his fans and his temperament to scold anyone if something doesn’t happen the ways he wishes it to. He has been maintaining a persona that he is a well-behaved well-mannered person lately, but somehow he has turned into this highly temperamental person.

Today, during the opening ceremony of his next movie, he needed to remove the shoes and he immediately asked for his assistant. The assistant is already shaking and running but he gave him a hit on the head to make it quick. Well, this might appear normal to few but when you’re a celebrity you’re expected to be more careful about the way you behave. The way he hit a fan or the way a bunch a fans who came to take a photo with him have already gone viral and this video is circling on the social media. May be Ballayya needs to check his temper a little bit in the public events.

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