Nagarjuna to do intense mass movies next!

Akkineni Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Verma have been one of the sensational combinations in Telugu Cinema. Their films, Shiva, Antham and Govinda Govinda, managed to set an example for new age story telling and also, technically advanced the standard of filmmaking as well. Shiva, became the Industry Hit that opened doors of Hindi Film Industry for Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Verma, as the movie became a hit all over India.

Now, RGV has lost that touch as his movies have not even been critically acclaimed over a long period of time. Even though he did try to make amends with some movies, his penchant with weird camera angles and similar type of stories has brought him down from the heights he climbed consistently with movies like Shiva, Satya and Sarkar.

Nagarjuna clarified on that and said, he wanted to do an intense film and after a long time, he got such exciting script from Ram Gopal Verma and he is giving priority to the script rather than the current form of the director. While, he is doing an intense cop role in this movie, he will be playing in Don, in Vyjayanthi Movies, film, with Nani as his co-star. As per the reports, Nani liked the narration from Sriram Adittya and Nagarjuna has to hear the final version.

Once, they both finalise, the chances are that the movie starts production from March of this year. After some experimental films, Nag is back to being the mass hero on screen with these two films.