Nagababu’s attack of Balayya giving free publicity to NTR

A war of words has started between Balayya and Naga Babu who are taunting each other in different ways. In all this, NagaBabu is firing all cylinders and is making strong statements against Balayya.

Because of this, fans of both the parties are fighting with each other and this is where Naga Babu is scoring a bit over Balayya. He is making strong videos and is directly attacking Balayya.

This has not gone well with many but in all this, Balayya and his film are getting direct publicity. Balakrishna is all over the place promoting his film NTR and these clips of Naga Babu are only adding spice to the film’s promotions.

In a way, Naga Babu is giving free publicity for the NTR biopic with his rash comments. As it is Sankranthi season and both NTR and mega films are releasing, Naga Babu has become the topic of discussion.