Nagababu reacts to Kathi Mahesh comments

Kathi Mahesh has become synonymous with controversies in today’s social media and TRP hungry media world. He has been able to find the right buttons to press to get all attention towards him. From past one year, after his Bigg Boss stint, he became even more aggressive in his speech and started provoking fans of a star hero and that made him even more popular among the news debates. Pawan Kalyan fans, evidently, made him more and more famous by taking him even more seriously. After, some hi-drama he retracted from his heavy bashing campaign and attended news debates as an intellect.

At one of his debates, he commented against Ramayanam and Lord Rama, who is worshipped as God by many. He has been arrested by police for his comments and he is trying to fight a legal battle, supporting his comments, saying he has a Right to put forth his thoughts on anything as per the Indian Constitution. NagaBabu, popularly known as Mega brother, seemed upset by his comments and he reacted very angrily to Kathi Mahesh comments.

He said, “The people who abuse Hindu Gods are bad than terrorists and they should be dragged to road and hanged to death, there itself. Such people are biggest threat to Indian culture. We pray to Rama, Sita and Hanuman as Gods and if someone tries to undermine that we cannot tolerate. Indian Government should come out and take strong action on these people to avoid any kind of negative propaganda that will harm Hindu culture. Ramayana is not a book it is something similar to Bible and Quran for us. A strong and violent action needs to taken on these people, to set things straight.” He seemed to be visibly angered by the name involved in this whole controversy as well. Some personal vendetta too? May be.