Naga Chaitanya busy with two movies!

Actors and actresses, these days have become more and more, accustomed to doing a film after another film. We see them giving all their energies to one project and once they finish it, they go ahead and do the other one. But the scene is different in olden days. If they do a film in one schedule, they do another in another schedule and in some cases, if they did one film in the morning call-sheet, they used to do another one in evening.

With time, the challenges that the actor’s face have grown difficult to handle as the quality needs and budget demands have increased exponentially. At such times, we always expect actors to be more circumspect but very few try to take on what all they can at one time. Naga Chaitanya, has decided to multi-task and do two films at the same time.

His Savyasachi with Chandoo Mondeti took lot more time than expected and the movie has eaten up into his next Shailaja Reddy Alludu, dates too. So, the actor is now shooting for Shailaja Reddy Alludu in the morning time and completing dubbing for Savyasachi in the evening. He is trying to play two different characters, one in front of the mic and other in-front of the camera. This must be stressing him more, what say?