Nag says that he had a bodyguard in Nani

Nagarjuna and Nani are promoting the movie, Devadas after one week of release. They have pre-recorded few videos and they are making their way to social media now. Nagarjuna and Ashwini Dutt also decided to talk about the movie at a famous news channel on Saturday.

The movie collected a good 40 crores gross in the first week and the second weekend saw a strong opposition in NOTA. The movie affected the collections of Devadas on Friday and the Saturday is better as NOTA wave subsided.

As Nagarjuna returned from his vacation he is game to promote the movie further until he joins his next film shooting. In the recent video, Nagarjuna said that he found a Gun on the sets in the form of Ashwini Dutt and Bomb ready to explode in Swapna Dutt.

When he had describe about Nani, he said that he found a good bodyguard in a very funny way. He expressed his exasperation on everybody talking about his age everytime what ever may be the topic.