Nag laughed and cried watching Chi La Sow

A Sushanth’s film after Current is releasing with a positive buzz. Many on social media are predicting a big hit for the actor. Ruhani Sharma is looking like the right choice for the film and she performed really well in the few bits the promos have shown us. In the last minute, Annapurna Studios decided to release the film. Nagarjuna is not someone to just support a film because a family member is in it, if he doesn’t like it. So, let’s hear what he had to say from the actor turned director Rahul Ravindran.

Rahul Ravidran, the director of the film said, “As an actor I knew Samantha from past decade. We have been friends and my wife, Chinmayi has been her voice on screen. I came into Industry to become a director but became an actor to survive. So, when I took a risk to start a film as a director, Samantha worried for me more than I did.

She asked me if I am making a mistake. I showed her the film and she asked Naga Chaitanya to watch it with her. Chaitanya liked it and he showed it to Nag sir. After watching the movie, he said that he laughed and cried while watching the film and asked me to direct a film for Annapurna. I will start a film soon. When Nag sir complimented me, I felt like I won an oscar,” concluded the director.